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Offsite Backup Solutions

Cloud backup Solutions for Business Continuity

The importance of offsite data backup systems

The value of data stored on a computer often far exceeds the value of the computer! Hardware can be quickly and easily replaced, but data usually can’t.

A business that fails to backup, risks failure to be in business.

Having a automated, validated working backup system is imperative

Companies often insure their computer hardware against theft and loss yet the importance of a comprehensive backup system is often overlooked

At Crell Cloud Solutions we know how precious your data is to you and we have a range of solutions that will ensue if the worst happens, your data is safe!

Granular data backup and recovery
Granular data backup systems offer most flexible form of data backup. Granular recovery technology allows the restoring individual files and folders or parts of a particular dataset selected by some criteria, instead of a full restoration.
The main advantages of granular recovery are the economy of time to restore only the objects needed, and a greater protection from mishaps and undesired data changes that can occur with a full restoration.
Offsite backup and cloud backup solutions

Secure Cloud Backup

Let us take care of your data, so you can take care of your business!

With Crell Cloud Solutions you can sleep easy knowing your data is in safe hands.

Our cloud backup system offers flexible and comprehensive data protection and redundancy ensuring your business doesnt miss a beat.

With Granular file recovery to catastrophic bare metal server rebuilds we’ve got the capabilities to get you back up and running in no time!

Secure Cloud Backup Platform from Crell Cloud Solutions West Midlands