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Apple Mac Repair

Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro and More..

Broken Mac?

Don’t Panic! WE REPAIR MACS!


We LOVE Macs! It is often the case that Apple devices receive an unfair amount of criticism from within the IT community for being perceived as not as capable as their windows alternatives and being overpriced. Typically, people who say they aren’t as capable probably just haven’t had much real world experience using a Mac.

Our technicians day to day workhorses are MacBook Pro’s and we use iMacs in our office, Of course we do all have Windows machines and our backup servers are a combination of Windows and Linux, so it is far from one sided, Each system has their merits for different applications.

We have experience in fixing a range of Apple products, from software issues to hardware replacement, we’ve done it!

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Apple iPad Repairs

Apple iPad Repair

Apple Macbook and Macbook Pro repairs

MacBook Repair

* Depending on model variant

Apple iMac Repairs

Apple iMac Repair

* Depending on model variant

MacPro Repairs

Apple MacPro Repair

* Depending on model variant

Slow Mac?

Before you throw in the towel and look at a replacement, STOP!

Over time Macs can become slow and sluggish often due to accumulated files, much of which invisible to the average user.

We have a range of utilities and tools we can run to clean your Apple Mac back up and get it running as fast as it was when you originally purchased it!

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