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Securely work from anywhere

Remote Desktop solutions for home working

Never before has there been a greater requirement for home working and many businesses are finding that by embracing this technology their productivity and staff morale have increased contrary to what many initially believed!

At Crell Cloud Solutions we can assist you by securely deploy the required infrastructure to allow your workforce to be as productive as being in the office but from anywhere and from nearly any device.

Working From Home Kids

The Hybrid workplace is here

A survey conducted by Technology company Slack between June and August of 2020, shows that more than one-third of office workers are working from home. The vast majority (83%) of those currently working from home do not expect to go back to the office in the next three months. What’s more, we see little evidence that a migration back to the office is even desirable, with only 12% saying they would like to always work at the office and over half of all office workers (72%) expressing a preference for a hybrid remote-office model.

Working from home

An experiment that took place in 2012 in China by James Liang, CEO of Group (formerly called Ctrip) – the largest online travel agency in China, found that workers increased output by 13% if they worked from home just one day a week. Of that 13% increased output, around 4% of it came from workers being able to cram in more tasks per minute due to fewer distractions, The remaining 9% was attributed to workers actually working more minutes per shift. Bloom says this is because commutes were eliminated entirely, lunch breaks were shorter and fewer workers took sick days.

1 in 5 businesses need to implement immediate measures to enable home working

So what prevents people from effectively working from home? Research from the

  1. Poor performance of home internet connection
  2. Disjointed user experience
  3. Inability to access files required for work
  4. Poor performance of device used for work
  5. Data security concerns / storing work files on personal devices

At CrellCloud Solutions we have the capability to enable your empyees to work efficiently and securely from home.

Poor performance of home internet connection

There are several options available when it comes to diagnosing and resolving slow connections. Services we provide include;

  • Wifi Frequency Scanning to ensure the wireless equipment is working on the most suited channel for your area
  • Network cable testing to eliminate internal wiring issues
  • Installation of new / additional WiFi access points, Mesh WiFi systems, Boosters and repeaters
  • Supply 4G / 5G cellular solutions
Disjointed user experience

A correctly configured remote desktop solution will be as if the user is working from the office, Any device they use to access the work environment would be just acting as a control surface for the usual work machine / environment and the user will be able to operate compeletely as if they were in the office

Inability to access files required for work

Again, as above a correctly configured remote desktop solution wil be as if the user is working in the office. All shared drives and network paths will be available as if they are working from the office. In addition to this we have a range of Cloud Storage and Cloud Computiong solutions available to enable your critical data to be securely accessed from anywhere in the world with internet.

Poor performance of device used for work

For our typical remote desktop configurations you dont need any particulary capable hardware, infact you should be able to work efficiently even from just a netbook or chromebook. This is because the users PC / Laptop / Notebook is only acting as a control surface and doesnt require much processing power at all as all of the computing is actually done by the remote server.

Data security concerns / storing work files on personal devices

The way our system configuration works for remote desktop clients means the files are always stored and edited on the remote machine and there is no risk of sesitive information being stored at the local level. In addition to this the connection from the remote device to the server is trhough a secure encrypted VPN, eliminating man in the middle attacks and ensuring no eaves dropping can take place from server to device.

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Remote Desktop Connections to Work from ANYWHERE!

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