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E-Mail Hosting

Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365

Email Hosting

Microsoft Cloud hosted emails

269 billion emails are sent each day around the world.

It’s our most common form of communication but is also the easiest way to spread ransomware and viruses to a business.

All of the email accounts we host get the added reassurance of a triple spam filter, with zero-day threat protection, making sure you stay protected whilst emails are available on any internet facing device.

We are a licenced Office 365 seller and also run our own up to date exchange servers for “just email” accounts to keep our costs low.

Clients of both packages are rest assured that their emails are being backed up every four hours to our off site servers, this includes One Drive and Sharepoint backups if you do choose an Office 365 subscription.

We also offer a bespoke email signature service. This is done at server level to ensure brand consistency across your company when using desktop or mobile / web devices.