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IT Support

Servers and Workstations, We've got you covered

IT Support


Keeping you safe, secure and always online

Business IT support is our backbone service, it’s what we do best.

We are Cyber Essentials accredited Keeping you protected to a very high level, that high in fact we work with some Ministry of Defence partners. 

We offer 24/7 remote & onsite business support.

Our philosophy is:

  • set it up right 

  • maintain it well

  • secure it often

It is important that we provide our clients with the reassurance that their Mac and Windows PC’s are always optimised and safe to work on.

We are Windows & Linux server specialist and provide our clients with support contracts, day rate repairs and maintenance.

We will always aim to work with you to accommodate your budget whilst providing a quality service.


We support all systems from complex rack mount server configurations to individual employee workstations and notebooks we have you covered.


We provide server adminsitration and maintenance on many systems from the commonly found Dell and HP systems to more rare systems such as NEC, Oracle and SuperMicro.

Virtual Servers are becoming more and more common and have a huge advantage over traditional systems for scalability and backup. We have extensive experience configuring and maintaining virtual environments through, From Hyper-V to VM Ware we’ve got you covered!


We provide end user support for all workstations, Small form factor Micro and Mini PC’s, Traditional tower PC’s, Laptops, Notebooks and Tablets.


Not only are we happy to support traditional windows based computer systems we have two specialist Apple Mac technicians that can carry out software administration, general maintenance and repairs on a host of MacBook, iMac, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro systems.


Linux / Unix / CentOS? No Problem! Support can be provided for a host of systems running Linux variants, the majority of webservers we adminsiter run some form of Linux as do many VOIP phone servers. If require support for a linux based system get intouch with one of our experts today.

Managed IT Services from Crell Cloud Solutions


Whether you need a one off repair or want a completlet manageged solution we can help


Have a single issue that you need help resolving or dont feel ready for a completley managed solution, then an on demnad service may be suitable for your needs as there is no continual cost.

We can provide computer technicians on a pay as you go / cost per hour basis to provide on demand computer support for your home or business.

Much IT support work can be conducted remotely helping keep costs down as travel to and from site can be avoided



A managed system is the most comprehensive level of cover available and ensures all of your critical IT infrastructure are supported at all times.

There are different levels of managed cover depending on each individual business needs and existing capabilities.

Our managed packages are charged monthly and offer the most rogourous levels of proactive service monitoring and ultra low response times to ensure your business minimises any IT related potential for downtime